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The PontePinto Mold Company specializes in developing and marketing quality molds specifically designed for producing highly detailed religious figures from both ceramic and porcelain slip.  

To ensure that our customers receive the high-quality molds that only an accomplished and experienced mold manufacturer can offer, our molds are manufactured exclusively for the PontePinto Mold Company by W. Robert Petro Mold Studios.  

Introducing the Passion Set

     After years of research and preparation, the PontePinto Mold Company has designed a new line of molds we call the "Passion Set".  

    Currently the Passion Set features the figures of Christ and the two thieves on their crosses, along with the mournful figures of Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary and the disciple John. 

     It is our hope, that someday, it will be as common for people to display the Passion Set at Easter time, as it is for them to show the nativity set during the Christmas season. 

Porcelain Passion Set Ceramic Passion Set White Porcelain Passion Set The Kitchen Madonna
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