Technique Sheet for

The Passion Set

Classic Porcelain Colors

 Supplies Needed:  Thickly cast porcelain greenware, Silver Falcon brushes (4170 series and #950 catís tongue), sharp scalpel and pencil

Classic Porcelain Colors:  Med. Flesh, Taupe, Angel Blue, Blue Jeans, Gray Mist, Smoke, Silver, Maze, Rose Brown, Dusty Brown, French Blue, Sandalwood, Doeskin, Oak, Dune, Butterscotch, Rose, Earth, Granite, Sage.

Detail Colors:  Black, Light Blue, Lip, Eye, and Forest Green Detail.  Detail Media. 

Other Supplies:  Best Black matte china paint, China painting oil, Fired Platinum and Grit Scrubber.


Step One:  Pour greenware slightly heavier to allow for spreading of applied color.  Clean in usual manner and allow to dry completely, for proper application.

Step Two:  Use a sharp pencil and draw a line wherever two colors will meet (for example, between hair and face).  This helps keep the colors in their place.

Step Three:  Begin with all the flesh areas on all the pieces.  Apply two coats.  No need to wait between applications as the oil will quickly soak into the porcelain greenware. 

Step Four:   Jesus - Paint his hair Dusty Brown, then paint the crown of thorns in Sage (only one coat is needed for small areas like the crown).

Step Five:  All Rocks on all pieces - two coats of Gray Mist, Smoke or Silver.

Step Six:  Mary Magdalene - Paint hair with Butterscotch.  Outer garment with two or three coats of Rose.  Paint sandals with one coat of Taupe, Wooden pegs-one coat Taupe, Drill-one coat Earth and Granite, Hammer-one coat Taupe and Granite, Nails-one coat Granite.  Leave her inner gown white.

Step Seven:  Mary - Paint hair with one coat of Taupe then paint the following areas:  Under garment- two coats of Angel Blue, Over garment- two coats of Blue Jeans, Shoe-one coat of Taupe.

Step Eight:  John - Paint hair with two coats of Maze and the following areas:  Over garment-two coats of Rose Brown, Under gown-two coats of Angel Blue with one coat of French Blue trim, Sandal-one coat of Sandalwood.

Step Nine: Thief Bases - Painted as above for Rocks. Rope pieces with one coat Oak.

Step Ten: Jesusí Cross - Paint the front of the cross with two coats of Sandalwood, and the back of the cross with two coats of Oak.  Leave the scroll white.

Step Eleven:  Wicked Thief:  Paint hair with one coat of Sandalwood and cross with two coats of Doeskin, painting right over the ropes and pegs.  Then, paint the ropes and pegs with one coat of Oak.

Step Twelve:  Good Thief - Paint hair with two coats Dune and the cross as in step eleven.

Step Thirteen:  Using Detail colors and Detail Media, thin each to a brushing consistency.  Paint eyes with two or three good coats of Eye detail and lips with Lip detail.  Paint the thorns with Forest Green Detail, the pattern on Mary with two coats of Light Blue Detail and the pattern on Mary Magdalene with two coats of Black Detail.

Step Fourteen:  Fire to Cone 6, propping as needed and polish with grit scrubber.

Step Fifteen:  Mix Best Black matte china paint with painting oil and paint a good coat on the entire scroll.  Allow to dry and then wipe back with a damp cloth to antique and show detail. Paint the nails on Jesus with Platinum (will not fire shiny).  Fire to 01

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