Technique Sheet for Passion Set in Fashen-Hues

With all pieces, clean greenware in the usual manner, being careful with the arms of the crosses. Fire to the appropriate cone. If you want to highlight the pieces in gold (around the collars and sleeves, etc.) you must apply clear glaze, fire to 06, then apply the gold and fire to 019. This step is not necessary but adds a beautiful touch.

If working with ceramic pieces, you must apply two coats of white basecoat. Porcelain pieces are non-porous or vitrified and do not require the basecoat. Be careful not to get the basecoat on the gold highlights. If this happens, wipe it off while it is still wet.

Antique all pieces with Brown. Apply Brown to a small area with a stiff brush and wipe back with a piece of cloth moistened with antiquing solution. The color should be like that of an eggshell with dark areas remaining in the crevices. You may not want to wipe back too much on the crosses, as they look beautiful in the brown, with varying intensity.

JESUS: (Hint: mix up enough flesh mixture to do the flesh area of all pieces at the same time) Mix a good scoop of Flesh with a touch of Brown and a little White. Sometimes I add just a very small amount of Yellow, also. Make enough to use on the flesh of the thieves also. Use this on all flesh areas, including the face; wipe back fairly well so that only a soft hue of the color remains. If you wish, you may blush the cheeks with a little Red mixed with the flesh mixture. Apply Brown or Black Brown to the hair and wipe back. The cloth can be done with White or Beige. The cross can be darkened with Brown and Black Brown rouged on in various places on the back with the bark. (To rouge is the tap a little color onto you cloth or sponge, then tap it onto newspaper, so that you do not apply too much. Gently tap the color, smudging onto the piece.) Lighten the ends of the cross with antiquing solution and applying a little White or Beige there. Paint thorns Green mixed with Brown or Mediterranean, and a little Yellow. Paint the nails Charcoal. Add blood if you prefer, using a runny Red Brown. Allow to dry. If highlighted with gold, apply Mask and Peel to gold areas and allow to dry. Spray with matte sealer. When dry, peel off the Mask and Peel. With black or dark brown acrylic paint, paint a line in the eye crease so that it looks like his eyes are closed.

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