Technique Sheet for Passion Set in Fashen-Hues

†GOOD THIEF:†† Start with the body.Apply your flesh mixture (described above) to the flesh areas and wipe back.Mix Brown with a little White or Red Brown and apply to hair and beard.Rouge cheeks with a little Red mixed with Flesh.Paint the cloth with Gray or Charcoal and wipe back well.†† Paint cross in similar manner to the cross of Christ, Brown wiped back.Or you may lighten Brown with White and give these crosses a lighter hue.Remember to lighten the cut ends of the cross with antiquing solution and maybe some Beige.Paint ropes with Mocha or White dulled with a bit of Brown.For the BASE(S):(hint:you may want to do both thieves bases, the Mary Magdalene base and the base of Mary and John at the same time).Put several colors on your tile, including Brown, Black, Charcoal, Gray, Mediterranean, Mocha, Green, and Red Brown, to name a few.Mix various color combinations, without cleaning your brush and paint different colored rocks, wiping back some more than others.Donít forget to paint the rope piece with White or Mocha.Allow to dry, spray with matte sealer.Finish eyes with acrylics.

†WICKED THIEF:Do as above in the Good Thief, but for hair, mix Charcoal with a little White, or use Gray for hair and beard.Finish with a matte sealer.When dry, paint a dark line (black, black brown or dark gray acrylics) in the eye crease, to make him look like his eyes are closed.

†MARY MAGDALENE BASE:The rocks are completed as mentioned in the bases for the thieves.Maryís robe can be Burgundy or Charcoal, wiped back.The inner tunic should be light Beige, or White dulled with a touch of brown.Sandals are straight Brown, wiped back slightly.Use Flesh, or your flesh mixture for face, hand and feet, rouge cheeks with Red, and Flesh, if you prefer.Hair is Brown mixed with a touch of Red brown or red.Rocks should be painted as described in the good thief. Paint skull with Mocha, wiped back.Drill is Charcoal and handle is Red Brown.Hammer head is Charcoal or Gray and handle is Brown lightened with White.There are also small nails laying about, these should be Gray.Paint the sparse grass with Green mixed with a little Yellow and Mediterranean.Allow to dry.Spray with matte sealer, protecting gold highlights with mask and peel first.Apply a dark line in eye crease with acrylic paint black or black brown, to make it look like the eyes are closed.

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