Technique Sheet for Passion Set in Fashen-Hues

VIRGIN MARY: Mix Blue with a little Brown and Mediterranean, Paint this on her sleeves, lower robe (in back) and follow to the front, wipe back. Paint shawl with Mediterranean and Brown, wiped back well. For the inner tunic, use White or Beige wiped back. Apply Brown to hair and wipe back only slightly. Apply Flesh (or flesh mixture) to face and hands and rouge with Red mixed with Flesh.. Apply a little of the Blue mixture used for her robe to the collar, and sleeve cuffs if you prefer. Paint veil with White, wiped back well to let the antique Brown to show through. Use Brown for shoes. Rocks should be painted as described in good thief. Allow to dry. Spray with matte sealer, protecting gold with mask and peel first. Allow to dry, then remove mask and peel.

JOHN: Apply Red brown mixed with brown to toga drape. Wipe back well, as this is a gorgeous color, but leave the creases dark. The remaining inner robe can be brown half and half with Green and a little Mediterranean wiped back. The inner piece of tunic around the collar should be a very small amount of the Red Brown mixed with White. Apply this also to the inner part of his robe directly below the outstretched arm. The collar closest to his neck should be the same Red used for the toga. The collar of the inner robe should be Green mixed with Black and Mediterranean, so that it is darker than the inner robe itself. Rocks should be finished as described in the good thief. Face, feet and hands should be Flesh or your flesh mixture, and rouge cheeks with a little Red mixed with Flesh. Mix Brown with a little Beige for the hair, and wipe back Sandal are Brown. Allow to dry and spray with matte sealer, taking care to protect any gold highlights with Mask and Peel.

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